Tuesday, January 27, 2009

wham, bam! am tam.

after many, many hours of research (i.e. 36 million joan of arcadia episodes plus several repeat viewings of sisterhood one and two later), a nervous hour of interviewing/french toast at shopsins, days and days of wordspilling/editing, and numerous nights of deadline-oriented stress dreams (oh, hai laptop turned spawn of the devil), my second ever cover story is on stands now!!! my mom and grandma both loved it, so here's to hoping that's not an isolated/strictly familial sentiment.


Roberta Jane said...

How exciting that you write for one of my most favorite magazines... Can't wait to pick up the new issue!! Congrats on your second cover story!

Pop Culture Gal said...

congradulations thats HUGE!! i wish i was you haha

lisa butterworth said...

thanks guys!
RJ...i'm so glad you like bust! good to know the 40+ hours a week i spend working on it pay off.
and PCG...one day you WILL be writing cover stories! especially with a handy journalism degree. :)

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i loved the cover article tootsE! your writing style and charming personality came across as well as hers.
+ of course i wanted to thank you for your lovely interview with me-i think it came out really nicely!