Thursday, January 15, 2009

mind blown.

in my stereotypically middle-class, white-washed, angst-y existence as a suburban so-cal teenager, there were a handful of things that fueled my will to survive by promising life beyond a track home. one of them was sassy magazine. it's the reason i do what i do today. i STILL have all my issues (thanks mom, for never making me throw anything out!) and my absolute most favorite one featured kurt and courtney on the cover. well, come to find out today, that iconic photo so dear to my adolescent heart, was taken by michael lavine. so what, you say? michael lavine is MY BOSS'S HUSBAND!!!! it's as though my pop culture existence just came full circle right here at my desk. kapow (that's the sound of my mind being blown).


Roberta Jane said...

Wow, what a small world. I LOVED Sassy magazine and I also escaped the track homes of So-Cal at 18! Such an amazing picture!

pigeon.toed said...

thanks!!! let me know how it turns out!!!