Wednesday, January 28, 2009

love me do.

speaking of samantha, i am so very honored to be part of her latest project (and certainly not her last. let me tell you, this girl gets shit DONE!), a totally gorgeous book about love filled with amazing art and writing from some seriously inspiring folks. oh, you want names? get all the info here (you won't be disappointed!). then buy a copy for your honey, or yourself, or your bestie, or your mom. they will all enjoy it. thanks sam, for putting me in such great company!
here's a little sneak peek at my contribution. what, you can't read that? oooohhh, hmmm, i guess you should buy a copy! (btdubz, that rad image to the right is by dan funderburgh and it goes perfect with my text. stooooooked.)


samantha hahn said...

I'm totally stoked as well...see I'm visiting your blog and already picking up west coast lingo. Rad!
I love your writing. I read it over and over seriously. I wish I could write like that. I love how it goes with Dan's piece. Isn't he the shiz-nit? (see more west coast parlay).

Hijiri said...


I can't wait to get to read your piece!!!