Wednesday, October 14, 2009

gotta get sublet.

last night i got to hang with the super rad ladies behind sublet clothing (stay tuned to numnum for a special guest food adventure! can you guess who the guests are? can you? there may have been lobster involved, that's all i'm sayin'.). so what better time to gush about their sweet and simple fall collection? all these perfect pleats are giving me palpitations. i'll take the deborah dress, the delilah skirt, and a side of that strawberry blonde's gorgeous mane. mmmkay, thaaaaanks.


Kate said...

Love those ladies, and love their line!

Kelsey Foster said...

I love those girls! Inessah went to my school. Represent UNT! What what! I shot their spring stuff.

{Tara} said...

The back of that black dress/blouse [?] is gorgeous!