Thursday, October 15, 2009


a few months ago, i got my astrological charts done (yeah, that's them. now you reeeeaaallly know me!), and got down to the nitty-gritty of being born on october 14th. the best thing that came out of it? i can now legitimately blame all my shortcomings on the stars. you think i'm bossy? oooh, not my fault! tell it to the stratosphere!anyway, my life is full of libras, and i don't think it's a coincidence. i'm a libra. my mom's a libra. my roomie's a libra. i also happen to be in love with a libra:
and it's his birthday today. i see a celebratory piece of pie and a coupla mugs of coffee in our future. luff.

libra image from RUSSH via ringo, have a banana


A Beautiful Party said...

I just started getting into astrology. i bought a book called sextrology. It feels weird knowing that kind of information about others. haha.

Roberta Jane said...

Happy late Birthday! Is that your BF? Very cute!

P.S. I am going to be in NYC for work in the beginning of November, going to need some shopping and eating tips from you! (Oh, did I ever tell you I finally got a job in Portland - Hooray!)

samantha hahn said...

I don't get it how do I read the chart?
You know I have to since it's my b'day too!!!

oh and bossy? I've never heard myself described that way......joking!!!

Anonymous said...

yay for libras! my boyfriend is a libra too and he is the best ever.

lisa butterworth said...

samantha...if only it were that easy. i think your chart would be different cause we were born at different times on opposite coasts. i hope your bday was awesome!

and rj...congrats on your job!! i would love to give you NYC tips and maybe we can pow-wow for coffee?!

Annette said...

Happy Libra Month. I'm one too. I think we are all attracted to each other- just like a magnet I ended up to your blog through another. It's mean to be. I'm a libra too and I can't complaint.