Tuesday, October 13, 2009


my drewdoration (drew + adoration = ridiculous new word that should totally already exist in the world) is not even close to a secret, so how stoked was i to get back to my hotel saturday night (yay for a weekend in philly! more on that later) just in time to find out she was hosting snl?? i know i'm in the minority on this, but i freaking love kristen wiig's gilly sketch (to the MAX) so this little number was like a double-bowed afro'd blessing bestowed by the comic powers that be. (the only thing missing is bill hader. hearts.)


Caroline said...

#1 immediately started laughing when i saw sssaahrry.

#2 drewdoration? um... we need to start the book of lisa-isms.

and most importantly,
#3 did you really freakin' use "to the MAX"???? we're not in an episode of saved by the bell....

Claire Elizabeth said...

i love kristin wiig's EVERYTHING. that woman can do no wrong in my book.

samantha hahn said...

I loved it too....very funny "scusi"
I'm in love with Kristin Wig and Bill Hader. They need to have a love child.