Monday, November 9, 2009

brunch? mais, oui!

my friend anna takes amazing photos. so i wasn't surprised when she got tapped by YSL to snap the influence of paris on cities in the states (french food, french style, french je ne sais quois, you know) for some new fragrance they're launching (along with a cup of jo and the gals from refinery 29. talk about a dream team). i was surprised though, that when she shot our ladies brunch at egg (french press coffee!) for the YSL Parisienne blog that she could make me look halfway decent after only one cup of coffee waaaaaay too early on a saturday morning. she is a maker of magic, that anna wolf. and how delicious do those beignets look?!
that's caroline and heather up top, me down below, and the three of us trying to look casual in a mostly self-conscious way. and anna, of course, is the lady behind the lens. check out the parisienne blog for more pics and posts from all the rad gals they've rounded up and thanks anna, for facilitating the one and only time i will ever be somehow associated with YSL. but really, you had me at "brunch."


mosey said...

ahh tres sweet!

Amanda {Mocking Bird} said...

Just discovered your blog and I must say, you are pretty hilarious.
I'll be back for more of your awesomeness.

I just wrote that and then thought "you would never say that to a stranger, so don't do so here"

But ah, what the hell?

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

seriously, brunch is my favorite meal, ever. all those carbs look amazing. those pictures are perfect... they're making me hungry!

samantha hahn said...

awesome....I mean tres magnifique!

{Tara} said...

So lovely!! I'm going to have to waste hours looking over this site now...I'm such a sucker for anything French.

Stella said...

The whole thing is so sweet, cute, and well shot!