Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a little house in the big woods.

oooh heeeey, dan, hey shannan. so, i was thinking, is it alright if, you know, i move in with you guys? i mean, i only ask cause it looks like you have a lot of room and could probably use a little help in the garden. todd says you make a killer butternut squash soup and that's totally one of my fave fall meals ever so i know we'll get along great. i brought my suitcase? hope that's cool.

all images via the selby, of course.


kimberly flower said...

um yeah...i'm coming too.

i make bomb pickled beets, so i'm like totally useful in the kitchen!


rachel said...

what a cozy + warm home! And that fire place.... I wouldn't be surprised if a bear came stumbling out of there.

Rebecca (Dog-Eared) said...

what a gorgeous home.

Orchid Grey said...

I had a million snarky and self-deprecating things to say about this set of beautiful (and enviable) photos, but second guessed myself and my comment's appeal. so all i have to say is this: This should be my life but it's not. bummer.

Every Little Counts said...

dream house. the bedroom looks especially cozy...a bed surrounded by books. can't get better than that.