Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sticky business.

i know this tape has been around the blog block and back a billion years ago but i totally forgot about it until i was gettin' my holidaze craze in order and realized stella bugbee's patterns are TOTALLY what i want to wrap my presents with. so i bought the set. amazingly that's all i bought. who knew dipping a toe into the world of decorative masking tape would be such a super slippery slope?!? SO MANY awesome colors. and patterns. and designs. and textures. i barely escaped purchasing a lifetime's supply. yow. za.

also, in totally unrelated news: i try to keep my mug off your computer screen but it just happened to show up on two of my favorite blogs yesterday so i wanted to thank those lovely ladies for the shoutouts. the super sweet kate over at la petite choue asked me a few questions that i provided considerably embarrassing answers for so take a peek to find out way more about me than you ever wanted to know. and over at for me, for you, kate (whoa, two kates. coincidence?! i love kates!) posted my gift guide page from the new issue of bust which of course features a few of my favorite necklaces from my favorite necklace-maker. talk about LB overload, you'll never wanna see my face again!


Jeanette Watson said...

Love the la petite choue interview (and the pic I took that made it online).

lisa butterworth said...

jdub! i forgot to give you photo credit! ha :)

EvaForeva said...

Hi Lisa, I just discovered your blog and totally fell in love with it :-)
I will be back to read more.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Lauren said...

love that tape! i need to get some.

Stella said...

The tape and the whole slippery slope are awesome.
And I'd never tire of your mug! Yay for some plugs! :)

Georgiebird said...

I like your mug too. Also I loved how you said don't be afraid to dork out. Awesome. Loving it!

Anonymous said...

awesome features :)

I, too lived in San Fran before moving to Brooklyn (now I live abroad), and I daydream about/miss San Fran waaaay too much.

oooh the pumpkin cream cheese muffins at that little coffee shop on haight street... oooh